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Due to Covid 19 the Presbytery has suspended all group activities

Gulf Beach Presbyterian Church is proud to serve as a hosting site for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance(PDA).  PDA's hospitality ministry focuses on the long-term recovery of disaster impacted areas.  By connecting volunteer mission teams with rebuilding efforts and host sites, PDA enables congregations to witness to the healing love of Christ.  

It is PDA's mission to bring hope through hospitality.

Our host site welcomes Mission Groups (teams) who come from all parts of the U.S. to help rebuild Bay County since Hurricane Michael devastated our community in October 2018. These dedicated teams consist of up to 20 people, youth and adults.

Gulf Treat was remodeled to house the Mission Work Groups or teams.

  • Rooms have been converted to sleeping rooms to host the work groups. Cots are furnished and will sleep 20 people. Separate rooms are provided for males and females.

  • Two showers are provided on site. Rest rooms are located off the dining hall.

  • Wireless internet and a television are provided. A common lounge area is also available.

  • The church kitchen is available for the teams to prepare breakfast and any other meals they choose to prepare. A full-size refrigerator is dedicated for the team’s use.  


Since our Host Site opened March 2019, we have hosted 10 Mission Groups. We currently have groups scheduled up to June 2020. These groups are such Blessings to not only our community but also to our Church. Through the wonderful and generous work of our Host Site Committee, the donations of our Little Pink Church, the grant from the PDA, our local community, Churches from all over the Southeast, and from the per diem that the Mission Groups pay, we are able to keep moving forward on the path that God has so graciously provided for us.

October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael devastated large areas of Northwest Florida. One year later, many of these communities continue the struggle to rebuild. This video shows some of the amazing people who have donated their time and talents to the recovery efforts. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: Out of Chaos, Hope

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